GTZ-ILO-WHO-Consortium on Social Health Protection in Developing Countries

Our Aims

Mission and Objectives

The Consortium aims at addressing the problems of poor access to poor health services for a vast majority of people in developing countries and catastrophic health expenditures for the poor. These can be overcome by creating sustainable systems of social protection in health based on the core values of universality, equity and solidarity.

The scope of the GTZ-WHO-ILO Consortium is on social health protection in general including various health financing options. The Consortium is a joint effort to coordinate the respective organizations’ work and collaborate at country, regional and global level in order to

  • Increase quality and scope of sustainable and comprehensive health care financing in partner countries
  • Strengthen technical support by joining resourcess
  • Create synergies through complementary activities

How does it relate to the regular activities of the organizations?

The Organizations have been engaged in promoting this area for many years.

GTZ has a section in the headquarters on “Systems of Social Protection” and numerous projects in this area in many countries.
More Information: gtz

ILO as the oldest organization of the UN has promoted the initiative “Social Security for all” and runs the department on Social Security covering the broad area of social health protection.
More Information: ilo

WHO has been active in this area through its health financing policy team.
More Information: who

Modus operandi

Incoming requests are shared between the three organizations. The Consortium aims to share requests and pool the resources in each case. Only in case the other organizations do not want to join, one organization proceeds on its own. All activities are financed by either regular bilateral or other available funds.

Added Value

A value added by the Consortium’s efforts is the creation of important synergies which enable a faster and broader response to countries’ requests as well as inducing a more significant impact. More specifically, this is achieved by providing a forum for improved donor coordination as well as through sharing of experience and strengthened cooperation at country level.

The importance of avoiding duplication of investments and activities, to increase effectiveness and create synergies have been affirmed as core principles of development cooperation with the Paris Declaration. The joint development and application of tools is also an important source for synergies.