GTZ-ILO-WHO-Consortium on Social Health Protection in Developing Countries

Presentations Day 3

4th BLOCK – The role of quality management in social health protection
Plenary presentation Chairperson: Dr. Shirley Domingo, Vice President, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Philippines
Quality management actors and instruments and their institutional links to social health protection mechanisms.
Dr. George Midiwo, Chief Manager, National Health Insurance Fund, Kenya – slides
Dr. Komi A. Ahawo, GTZ Cameroon – abstract / slides
Parallel sessions
1.The role of accreditation and surveillance in social health protection and their effect on quality
Chairperson: Dr. Judith Bwonya, Department of Standards & Regulatory Services, Ministry of Health Kenya
Dr. Robert Basaza, Senior Health Planner, Ministry of Health Uganda – abstract / slides
Dr. Shirley B. Domingo, Vice President, Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Philippines – abstract / slides
2. Meeting set standards and quality management as a contractual obligation
Chairperson: Dr.Inke Mathauer, WHO
Mr Emmanuel Humba, Director General, National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), Tanzania – abstract / slides
Dr. Gerry Noble, Director, MicroCare, Uganda – abstract / slides
3. Strengthening quality while keeping administrative costs low
Chairpersons: Ms Mona Khandhar, Joint Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Department, Gujarat, India and Dr. Nishant Jain, Technical Advisor – Health Insurance and Health Finance, GTZ India
Dr. Caroline Jehu-Appiah, MoH Ghana – abstract / slides
Dr. Nelson Rutere Gitonga, Manager Health Services UAP Provincial Insurance, Kenya – abstract / slides
5th BLOCK – Recommendations and the way forward
Panel Discussion Chairperson: Dr. Pia Schneider, Senior Health Economist, The World Bank
What are the strengths of social health protection mechanisms to ensure or
increase quality in health care? What are the implications for international funding?+
Dr. Daniel Kress, Deputy Director, Global Health Advocacy, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, U.S.A.
Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung, Health Policy Coordinator, Social Security Department, ILO
Dr. Andreas Kalk, Coordinateur Secteur SANTE, GTZ
Dr. Jean-Bosco Ndihoikubwayo, Regional Adviser, Health Technologies and Laboratories, WHO/AFRO
Dr. Innocent Gakwaya, Director of Rwandaise des Assurances Maladie, Rwanda
Dr. Franziska Freiburghaus, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Dr. Jose Manuel Freire Campo, Chairman, Department of International Health, Escuela Nacional de Sanidad, Carlos III Institute, Ministry of Health
Conference insights Dr. Jean Marie Tromme, Delegate of joint management, Institutional support at Ministry of Health, Rwanda – slides