GTZ-ILO-WHO-Consortium on Social Health Protection in Developing Countries

Conference Kigali 2007

The GTZ-ILO-WHO Consortium on Social Health Protection in Developing Countries in conjunction with the Rwanda Ministry of Health organized jointly the International Conference on

Assuring Quality Health Care through Social Health Protection:

The Role of Purchasing and Quality Management

The conference took place from 31 October – 2 November 2007 in Kigali, Rwanda.


The aim of the Kigali Conference was to inform the development of policies and strategies for achieving quality in health care within social health protection by gathering, sharing and systematising evidence and experiences of purchasing and quality management as well as their impacts on quality health care. It provided a platform to review country cases, discuss policies and various tools.

Program and Scope

The conference was structured in five blocks.

  • Setting the scene: Social health protection and quality health care
  • Social health protection for strong purchasers: Buying quality health care
  • Social health protection and demand side strengthening to increase quality in health care
  • The role of quality management in social health protection
  • Policy issues and recommendations

Programm (PDF)

The Concept Note (PDF) provides further information.

Read a synopsis of the conference in the Final Conference Report (PDF).

International conferences of the GTZ/ILO/WHO Consortium on Social Health Protection

The Kigali conference was a follow-up to the 2005 Berlin Conference of the GTZ/ILO/WHO Consortium on Social Health Insurance in Developing Countries and the Manila Conference on Extending Social Health Insurance to Informal Economy Workers in 2006. The Berlin conference in December 2005 set a political agenda for health financing systems based on values of solidarity, universal access and equity. The conference in Manila in October 2006 addressed the question of how to extend social health protection to the informal sector. Both conferences raised the question of equitable revenue collection and risk pooling. The Kigali Conference 2007 addressed the question of efficient, equitable and financially sustainable resource allocation while ensuring quality health care.